GRC line is a new type of inorganic composite material with light weight, high strength, high toughness and multi-function, which is made of alkali resistant glass fiber as reinforcement, sulphoaluminate low alkalinity cement as cementitious material and suitable aggregate as base material through radiation, formwork pouring, extrusion, slurry flowing and other consumption processes.

According to the different needs of customers and designers, arbitrary artistic modeling can be carried out to perfectly realize the designer's design dream.

Brand awareness is that manufacturers create brands that enable the public to identify in order to attract more customers, and then affect customers' decisions when purchasing products. And the establishment of brand awareness can not be formed in a short time, which requires the accumulation of time, and finally realize the transformation from quantitative change to qualitative change.

This shows that manufacturers with high brand awareness have a long development time. A long development time means that all aspects of experience are relatively perfect, which can ensure the quality of GRC lines to a certain extent.

In cooperation, people with high reputation are often selected for cooperation, and the same is true for manufacturers. Manufacturers with high reputation are usually selected to ensure the quality of products.

Specifically, the credibility of the manufacturer can be comprehensively considered from the number of projects won by the manufacturer, the relevant online evaluation of the manufacturer and the relevant customer evaluation. Through the understanding of these information, we can make relevant judgment on the GRC line quality information produced by the manufacturer.

Under the influence of modern consumption concept, customers pay more attention to product related services. Many enterprises also increase the training of talents and capital investment in this field, and actively improve the manufacturer's service system to meet the needs of customers.